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I bought an EzySafe can opener about a month ago. It works really well and my wife, who has trouble with manual can openers, now uses it to open tins of dog food and thinks it's great. No need to take the label off to use it and the top goes back on to store the remainder of the tin in the frig. Will now buy another one for the main kitchen upstairs!

Don 17/01/17

Comment: I've just received the EzySafe can opener and what a miracle it is.  I've tried many and varied can openers over the years, by far the EzySafe is the best.  There is no need to employ gorilla strength to the opener to try to get it to grasp and turn the tin, nor any need to run the opener back and forth over and over again like a side cutter opener.  Just place it on the can, turn the nice big easy to turn handle, and off the top comes.  Even thin walled cans (like Coles cheap brand 425g tuna) are no match for it.

Highly recommended.

Mark 25/2/17.

OMG . Just received my order of the can opener and chopping boards. Must say I was sceptical about the can opener , but was willing to give it a go after purchasing duds from regular outlets . I cannot praise it enough , works as it says it will AND I was (stupid enough ) to press my finger onto the opened rim . NO CUTS ! Only an indentation from my pressing . Highly recommend this product .

Deidre Daly 24/2/17

I attended the Newcastle Caravan and Camping Show on Thursday 9th February and visited your stand at the show. I was so impressed with your presentation of the Fryair cooker that the following day I purchased one on line to be delivered to my postal address on the far south coast of NSW. Within a week of purchasing the Fryair it was delivered and well packaged to avoid damage. I was kept up to date within that week via email as to the status of my order which is reassuring.
The best part is the Fryair has lived up to all my expectations.
Highly recommend this product.

Trevor 1/3/17.

Bought your 3 in 1 ezy opener at the caravan show. Love it so much am back to buy some for the family. Cannot recommend it highly enough.

June 1/3/17

The items arrived yesterday (09/03)

Thank you for your excellent customer service.

Maureen 12/3/17

Just received my ezysafe can opener tried it immediately and am delighted with it thank you so much

Alice 12/3/17

I just want to say a big thank you. I purchased an ezysafe can opener at the end of 2016 to open mainly large dog food cans (1.2kg) as all the others on the market just couldn't cope. It has totally lived up to it's name! My 11 year old Daughter who is left handed can even use this opener and it works well every time.
I will say I was hesitant in spending more on a can opener than I normally would, but it has been a great investment. The product was delivered in such a short time and as a family we fought over who was to open our cans! Thank you so much we look forward to many happy years with our ezysafe opener!!

Katrina 18/3/2017

Comment: We would like to thank you for your great service re the replacement of the faulty bowl in our Fry Air. We appreciate it very much. We have told many of our friends of your great service and product.
Thank you,

Leith 4/6/17

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Comment: We are so impressed with the set of six silicone collapsible food containers, the containers are of high quality and very durable, we was that impressed we ordered another set of six and binned most of our plastic containers that take up so much room, highly recommended.

John Mortlock 27/9/16

Comment: I have been buying can openers for years mostly with disappointing results. Your can opener is a gem. I love opening cans for the first time in my life. It is beautifully designed and made.
Thank you and congratulations for your product.

Glenn 16/10/17

Comment: After buying  our 'ezysafe' can opener, we bought another two for our children. Have just ordered another for the caravan.


Comment: Hi, wonderful products. They all made it in time for Christmas and the bag sealers were the hit.  Love all the space saving containers etc for our caravan. 

Thanks again.


bought one of your can openers at one of the markets we attended. We open 100's Tins and have been struggling with the shop bought openers. This one works very hard and opens the tins fine without any burs to
hurt yourself. Would recommend it and buy it again.


Fritz 15/05/14

Hi guys, great homewares guys, helped fill the gaps under the christmas tree and mother will be so wrapped in the bag sealers

Keep up the good work, Love the site

Tim Page, QLD 23/12/2013

Went xmas shopping for the family. Bought them the Ezysafe Can opener. It arrived in a couple of days and I love mine, Thank you BJ's team

Hope I get my discount to use in the new year

Cathy, NSW, 5/12/13

I first came across BJ Enterprises at our local Home Show a couple of years ago and took interest in the ezi seal lids and fresh lids. They appealed to me because I hate using cling wrap & seeing it go into landfill.  I’ve also heard that using cling wrap and plastic takeaway containers in the microwave may be harmful in the long run to your health. Getting a good combination of big and small lids has meant that I haven’t had to use either cling or plastic takeaway containers since… ever!  This has saved me money and also helped saved the planet from more plastic in landfill. I use only my ceramic or glass bowls at home and feel much better about my health.  The ezi seal lids allow you to stack lightweight objects on top, meaning my fridge is much better organised as well. The fry pan sized ezi seal lid has also been invaluable as a spatter guard when cooking and to keep flies out of bowls of food when we dine outdoors. Dive in and try these great products, you won’t regret it – I’m going to buy them for my family and friends this Christmas! 

Michelle Desira 21/11/2013

 Hi, I purchased the ezy safe can opener and the ezy Safe jar opener at the Melbourne Home Show. I am amazed at how much better it is to open cans and jars.  I have mobility problems with my hands and have even passed your brochure to my hand therapist so she can pass it on to other clients.

Brendon 20/9/13

I recently ordered a selection of your Flexi Fresh Lids. They arrived three days later. Thanks for the quick service! The lids are easy to use, a breeze to wash, and so very useful. 

I mainly wanted the small ones so I could reseal those little cans of cat food. These lids work SO much better - and quicker,  than plastic wrap secured with elastic bands. Now I find myself using them for storing other things too, like that other half of a lemon, tomato or avocado.
Great product and great service. 

Janice King NSW 28/8/13

I purchased 2 EZY Safe Can Openers yesterday at a Caravan Show in Wodonga. They work exactly as was shown in the demonstration. Everything that BJ Enterprises sells works exactly as shown. These guys are great Aussies selling good products. 100% recommendation from me.

Graham 19/8/13

Hi there

I purchased a couple of EzySafe can openers at the recent Wodonga Caravan & Camping Show. I have since used them and they are every bit as good as the salesman claimed. My caravan now has a new can opener. I am impressed. Cannot wait to try some more products.

Gazza 22/8/13

I buy my fruit and vegetables in bulk fresh from the markets. I have been purchasing the Stay Fresh Produce Bags for the last 3 years and these keep everything fresh for up to 3 weeks so there is no need to buy the fruit and vegetables every couple of days. Thanks for a great product. I have recommended them to family and friends.

Susan 27/6/13

Hi i purchased the suck and seal machine at the food and wine show in Canberra even though i have a sealing machine that sits in the bench top  this suck and seal machine is much better and easier to use I use the machine on a daily basis for cold meats and cheeses in the fridge they  taste and last heaps longer than normal would recommend this product to everyone

Paul 3/5/2013

 Recently purchased whisk and can opener at camping show on nsw sth coast.  My daughter and boyfriend who is a chef love whisk, but I reckon that opener is the best thing since sliced bread. Fantastic. Just bought another 2. Love it.

Mark 4/12/12

We purchased a package of the Magic Lock Bag Sealers at the Eumundi Markets when visiting friends near Noosa about a year ago and use them all the time. They seal well and are easy to use. I was thrilled when I found this website, we can order more for ourselves and friends, they will make great gifts and unique ones too!

A. Bieber 12/11/12

I purchased a Kleva Sharp knife sharpener in Feb 2012 at the Caulfeild Caravan Show to keep in my caravan. My missus often looked at it, but was never game enough to ask what it was for and she never saw me using it, but then I made the BIG mistake of taking it into the house to re-sharpen all of my ICEL chef knives, as nothing else seemed to work with any long lasting effect and unfortunately the missus saw me using it. She has since kidnapped it for the house utensils as it is so good! She tells ALL her girl friends about it and how great it is for sharpening knives and even BBQ utensils! One day I might tell her where I purchased it from, but for now she tells her friends that they have to attend caravan shows to buy one :-)

Many thanks for a brilliant product!

Ray aka Carrayjus

Many thanks - My order arrived yesterday. Perfect timing as I needed the new tile cutter blades today. The One-Da-Tool has been an essential inclusion in my tool kit for some years.

Blair Gardner, 17/5/12






KATIE POWELL 15/05/20012

Thanks heaps..

Your product is first class and the service AAA+++

Trevor, 5/12/11

Hi there


I recently purchased a set of Fresh Lids (Flexi Fit Lids) and Ezi Seal Lids. Sometimes demonstrators do things with their products that the purchaser can never duplicate when they take the product home. Not the case with these products. They are easy to use and the number of different uses is only limited by your imagination. I like them so much that I have decided to give a set of these lids as a Christmas gift from me to each of my children this year. 100% recommendation from me.

Graham 17/11/11

Re Ezi Seal Lids

I have used your great ezi seal lids almost every day since I purchased them at the Caulfield Camping and Caravan show. I use them in the microwave to stop splattering, also on the frying pan for splattering. They are great in the oven for a lid on a casserole dish. I use them to cover all sorts of dishes from salads to sauces both in the fridge and on the table. The can act as a pot stand to protect the bench top and also as an oven mitt to lift a hot item!
They are also great to draw round, for a perfect circle for greaseproof paper for lining baking pans!!
I am about to buy another set as I now seem to run out of my favourite sizes.
Thanks Guys for a great, useful product

Nina Walford 05/10/11

Hi there

I was at the Better Homes and Gardens Live Show today at Homebush and I was impressed with the demonstration I saw there. I wanted to buy your product but had left my credit card at home and didn't have enough cash with me.When I got home I was happy to view your web page and the demonstrations on line. I'd love to get 25% discount for my order on line.

Anne Carson 25/09/11

Magic Lock bag sealer


This item is genius! No more rubber bands & stale snacks again!

Senia, Sydney NSW 23/8/11

What a great range love those collapsible bowls

Shirley Thomas 17/8/11

Just wanted to give you feedback that the two types of lids that we bought a few weeks ago are so good. We use them every day and I recommend them to others. The flat ones are a surprise how much we use them for covering dishes and cooking. The softer ones
are almost as good - only that you have to have the right size - and have a slightly different function. We hardly use any glad wrap now. I rarely provide feedback but wanted to let you know. 

Vicki 25/06/2011

During the 18 months I have used BJ enterprises products I have found them all excellent!


MAGIC LOCK BAG SEALER is my favourite product. I have recommended them to lots of my friends. I purchased 8 sets & use them all. (No frozen peas spilt in my freezer.)


SILICONE FRESH LIDS, and ezi seal lids are also a great product, I use these items when camping. They also save me a great deal of money because I now do not need to buy glad wrap at home.


ZERO PAK is absolutely excellent, especially for packing away my butcher meat & especially fresh fish.


Please use this testimonial in any way you choose.

Sally Clark Emu Plains 25/06/2011

I have used the silicone Fresh Lids, the silicone ezi seal lids and the stay fresh bags and have found the
products to be excellent and they are easy to use as well, 
yours truly 

Ann Kennedy of Maryland 14/06/2011

I would like people to know that I have used BJ enterprises products for 2 years now and found them excellent products and they do what they are suppose to do.
and ezi seal lids are a great product, a must for the caravan and saves a lot of plastic (glad wrap ) in the home.
this product is fabulous, I have put a lot of my friends on to them.
wouldn't be without, veges last longer, also lettuce I have had up to a month and its still good.
its my favourite, less packaging and more room in the freezer,I would highly recommend this product.

K M Campbell. Newcastle 14/06/2011

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Comment: I have been buying can openers for years mostly with disappointing results. Your can opener is a gem. I love opening cans for the first time in my life. It is beautifully designed and made.
Thank you and congratulations for your product.

Glenn 16/10/17

Comment: After buying  our 'ezysafe' can opener, we bought another two for our children. Have just ordered another for the caravan.