Silicone Ezi Seal Lids for cooking


6 sizes. An innovation in cooking and covering food. Microwave Safe, Oven Safe, Dishwasher Safe

Buy a Quality Set of Flexible Silicone Suction Lids

How many times have you had a barbecue or dinner party and are left with a heap of leftovers, but because of the way you store them they go off very quickly, before you can even make a dent? Making sure your food stays fresher for longer doesn’t have to be an overly difficult task. In fact, now more than ever it’s easier to keep perishables fresh with the various innovative products that are available to purchase. If you’re sick of wasting mountains of food, be sure to pick yourself up a silicone suction lid set that’s flexible both physically and in its usage. All you need to do to ensure they’re all sealed up nicely is to sit the suction lids on top the bowl, press in the middle, and bob’s your mother’s brother!


Grab yourself a silicone bowl cover that is sized perfectly to fit your current goods

Understanding that not every bowl is the same size, we have a number of silicone suction options that cover a variety of dimensions. From 15cm to 35cm in diameter and many in between, as well as three combo lid sets, we’re the answer to your silicone suction search!

Order durable bowl covers made from flexible silicone today

BJ Enterprises is passionate about helping our customers by offering a wealth of revolutionary items to make your life easier. We source only the highest quality goods, and are proud to offer them all at highly affordable prices. Further to the silicone bowl covers, we supply everything from bag sealers to reusable cable ties and more-we’ve got it all! So whether you’re looking for gift ideas for friends and family or you’d like to stock your own kitchen with innovative wares, you’ll find something to suit your needs right here.

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